Hotel SPA – NoNameLuxuryHotel&SPA
34-442 Łapsze Niżne, Leśna st. 46, małopolskie voivodeship
Telephone number:
+48 797 502 131, +48 797 502 141
E-mail address:

Driving from Kraków to Zakopane you should take the exit leading to Nowy Targ. There head south on Tysiąclecia avenue, where you will reach the John Paul II roundabout. Take the route to Bukowina Tatrzańska. When you pass the town of Gronków turn left. The next two towns you will be passing are Trybsz and Łapsze Wyżne. Then finally you will reach your destination: Łapsze Niżne. Turn right from Długa street to Jana Pawła II street and then right again to Leśna street. After 3km you see the NoNameLuxuryHotel&SPA, surrounded by nature.

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