Beauty treatments and sweet idleness is not all the NoNameLuxury Hotel&Spa has to offer. On the contrary – one can participate in many outdoor recreational activities to spent his/her time in our hotel actively.


nartyThe hotel is located only within a 15 minutes’ drive from several skiing slopes: Białka, Bukowina Tatrzańska, Zakopane. It is possibly the best chance one can get to have a go at winter sports. Skiing or snowboarding are great recreational activities that will improve one’s form, health and immunity.


walksThe tremendous forests around the hotel favour long walks. Where might it be better to spend a peaceful time if not surrounded by tall ancient trees? Also the Tatrzański National Park awaits all those who wish to feel the greatness of nature. Everyday strolls will stimulate metabolism, blood circulation and the immune system.


canoeingThose of our guests who are fond of water-sports will find the lake only 4km away a paradise. Out on the lake in a small sail-boat one will feel the adrenalin rush and intense emotions. Equally exciting are the kayak tours. For those who already had their share of emotions there are sandy beaches and warm water to bathe in.


nordicThis is a pleasant and not exhausting sport which involves walking with the use of special walking poles. The walks will keep you fit, healthy and happy. There are numerous paths around the NoNameLuxury Hotel&Spa that can be trod by our guests, including the one leading straight into the wild of the National Park.


bicyclesMountain cycling is an extreme sport allowing to overcome one’s weaknesses and increase endurance. Mountains close to the hotel (Tatry and Pieniny) are perfect for cycling. Apart from pure adrenalin, exhaustion and climbing hilltops mountain cycling involves discovering new paths,
admiring the views and finding a totally new perspective.